The “P” factor

Pfactor was established in 1997 vision is to offer a service including all facets of industrial design, fully managed and able to satisfy every customer request.
In the name, Pfactor lies the company’s mission. The “P factor” links the Project to the Product, the Prototype to the Pre-series, the Thought to the Production Process, and the Public Placement in a continuum. The company’s philosophy, clearly expressed in the logo, has been over the years a strategically winning choice in both the national and international markets.
Today, Pfactor is a dynamic and multidisciplinary business, which combines the craftsmanship of its staff with a strong vocation to 4.0 entrepreneurship. Care for detail and the skills of our workers are combined with a high level of automation oriented towards performance-optimized production, cost cutting, research and innovation respecting at the same time the environment and the workplace in terms of both quality and safety.

Pfactor’s pay-off, from project to product, exhaustively synthesizes what the company is capable of doing: as an ideal and experienced business partner in order to provide a full service in the various phases of industrial design. From the first design concept, through the engineering, the prototypes to the finished product, without forgetting brand and product communication, including graphic design, brochures and packaging. All in the name of creativity and the most genuine Made in Italy.
Worldwide assistance, flexibility, professionalism and specific skills for each business sector are our distinctive qualities. Our objective is to turn ideas into finished products that can meet customer needs and enthuse the public. The transition from project to product is carried out by a team of professionals working in synergy by optimizing resources and timing of design and production processes, managing the entire work within a single site where it is created, designed and produced.


“In front of me I had two ways:
I’ve chosen the least trodden path,
And this made the difference.”