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Pfactor srl was established in 1997 and embodies the twenty-year experience gained in the field by its founder.
Today, with a team of fifty people strongly oriented towards applying their expertise in multiple sectors, the company’s key strength lies in its Made in Italy brand.
Each project is developed to meet our customers’ requirements overcoming all technical, technological, productive problems as well as those regarding distribution processes and product communication.
A specialized and diversified staff of designers, architects, engineers, creative young people, technicians and experts in production and product technologies are involved in concept design, styling, project development, engineering, prototyping, production and assembly.
Pfactor’s experience covers several fields of application, employing different technologies working with a wide range of materials including injection, thermoforming and rotational moulding, die casting of aluminium and zamak alloys printed in hot/cold runner, glass, toughened glass straight or curved, embossed metal sheets.