Aesthetic mock-up – rapid prototyping – CNC milling – silicone reproductions – painting – operating prototypes.

The prototype is the mean that allows to put the vision of the project in practice. Its purpose is not only to work as support of the engineering process for the reaching of the definitive product. In fact it is used also as a tester in order to optimize the productive process or as a strategic evaluation for the emotional impact and for marketing.

AESTHETIC MOCK UP made of easily adaptable materials, for volumetric and visual perception evaluations.

RAPID PROTOTYPING The new sintering and stereo-lithographic systems are able to spawn models with perfect surface quality and high-precision details, that result perfectly test-resistant.

PROCESSING in working groups applicating CAD-CAM systems, and using materials in line with the required quality of performance (aluminum, alloy, resins and thermoplastic materials), in order to create prototypes ever closer to the final product.

SILICONE MOULDS realized using resins ever closer to the definitive materials planned to be used for the final production. The resins allow to replicate accurately products with the same features and performances of the serial ones.

FINISHINGS, polishing and paintings are entrusted to the irreplaceable manual perception of the operator, supported by the use of the most sophisticated, innovative and eco-friendly products available on the market. A final touch vitalize and lends a realistic vein to the beginning concept that has become product.

prototyping 22

Definitive aesthetical prototype

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prototyping 21

Rapid prototyping

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prototyping 14

CNC milling for resins

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prototyping 13

CNC milling for aluminum

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prototyping 11

CNC Volumetric prototype obtained through CNC milling

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prototyping 10

Color samples and finishings

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prototyping 9

Functioning esthetic prototype

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prototyping 8

Surface finishing

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prototyping 2

Replica obtained from industrial silicone mould

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prototyping 1

Replica from silicone mould

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prototyping 23

CNC milling of a mechanical component in aluminum

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prototyping 24

CNC milling materials

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