This website is a portal designed with the purpose of offering information regarding our product and services, and to supply a direct contact with our company, as well as to promote our company and our corporate image also through the use of electronic means.

Holder of the Website
The holder of the website, just like the associated web domain is: Pfactor srl, VAT. No. 03298230263 – Via Lombardia 1/B – 31050 Monastier di Treviso (TV) – Italia – T. +39 0422 798761 – info@pfactor.it, in the person of its legal representative pro tempore.

Applicability and acceptance of the present terms and conditions
The present general terms of use and conditions are applied to all users who access and use our website. The access of the user to the website, the maintenance of the session and the permanency on the pages, the navigation on the pages of the website, access and registration to login in reserved areas, the use of services provided, the request for information through data available on the site or filling the dedicated form and any other action that is not linked with the closure of the website, represent the full acceptance of the user to the terms and conditions listed above and entailed in the current version of the informative in that moment.
Therefore, every user is kindly invited to read carefully the terms and conditions of our website when they access for the first time/ getting in touch/ using the services available on the site. In case of refusal of the terms and conditions, the user is kindly invited to leave the pages of our website and to stop using the services offered by the site.

Registration and data entry in the website
According to Italian Law, registration and/or data entry and/or the use of services offered by the site, is permitted only to contractually capable, natural persons of legal age. In the case of registration/data entry of an under-age person, it is assumed that it has be done under supervision of his parents or whoever holds authority. The data entered must absolutely be real and referred to the user. Each individual is directly and personally responsible for the data sent through the dedicated contact forms.

Industrial and intellectual property rights
The Site, the domain name and its contents, as brands, logos and any other intellectual or industrial content that may be subject to property rights, are registered and are exclusive property/ or contents granted for use by the license of Pfactor Srl or of third parties that expressly agreed the use, which are protected by current norms regarding Industrial and intellectual property rights.
Any operation of copy, extraction, mining or reutilization of the material present in the Domain or any other activity that may be in conflict with Pfactor’s rights or related Third Parties, not expressly allowed is strictly prohibited.
In particular, the following elements shall be considered protected: texts, website, design of the website, trademarks, logos, graphical elements, name of the domain, audio content, pictures and images, videos, audio-video elements, technical documentation, projects, user’s guide and manuals, database, slogans and any other creative content available on the website.
In addition, in the site there could be marks, domain names, social names, companies and signs owned by third parties, with which Pfactor has a relationship of any kind. These distinctive marks are used with the only purpose of indicating the source of determined products or services, or the existence of a partnership. In order to verify the possibility to use such intellectual and industrial property rights, please refer to the specific holder of the rights.
It is strictly prohibited  to use the above listed items with the purpose of sidetracking the users, also copying texts inside other websites, or with different methods from the ones in conformity to principles of professional correctness.

Industrial rights of Internet users
When the users sends a contact or information request, will be allowed to send or forward his own contents, if permitted, and they will be protected by intellectual and industrial property rights regulations.
The upload and the sending of the content to Pfactor, the user declares to be the rightful identity owner  and to be the one who can make use of it, taking account of the responsibility regarding illicit use of the contents of others and/or of elements protected by industrial and intellectual rights regulations. The user explicitly accepts to protect the holder of the website from any prejudicial effect connected to the legal action and to reimburse all expenses, costs, damages and pay reparations for any direct or indirect consequence caused.

Hypertext links to third party Web sites
On the Site may be inserted different links related to third parties websites. The hypertext links have the only function of making the navigation easier for the User, without any sort of relationship between the content of the Site and the third party site linked.
We do not assume some responsibility approximately the contents of the external links and their accuracy. The User understands, acknowledges and agrees that in those cases, the present terms and conditions about the use of the website are not valid, and the valid ones are the one contained to the third party website.

Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability
All the content published on the Site are provided for the mere purpose of general information, without warranty of completeness and correctness . We will not be liable for from any direct or indirect damage that may derive from the use of the Website and its services, for the delay or impossibility to utilize the Website or its relevant services.

Changes to general terms and conditions

We reserve the right to update, modify or integrate in any moment the present informative about terms and conditions of use, updating the version available on the website.
We invite the user to visit periodically this page to review the current Terms of Use.

Applicable Law
The present general conditions are subject to Italian law. Any controversy regarding the interpretation or fulfillment of the present contract, should be solved by the Courts of Venice (IT).

Contact information

Via Lombardia 1/B
31050 Monastier di Treviso (TV) Italia
T. +39.0422.798761